Kobe Carbaugh-Kiva Project

I choose this man because i understand what its like to work on a farm and the difficulties. Especially without newer technology. I feel great about helping this guy because i know im making his life easier. I think it needs do more advertising so more people get help. If have money in the future i would love to help.

Kiva Project – AW – Kiva 24

I chose this person because I thought that its nice that she wants to use her work as a way to get income to provide for her children in the future. I chose her because I like that she’s doing something she likes and not many people can say that. It made me feel good that I got to help someone outside my family and friends. I think that it was a good website because it’s making you aware of other peoples needs. Yes I would like to help someone like this in the future.


Natasha Wetzel – Kiva Page

I chose to help Gs Nuevos Horizontes Group which consists of Luis , Yessica Vanessa, Jose Alberto who are asking for a loan to help with getting fertilizer, compost, and irrigation for their taro crop. I chose them because they want to create better lives for themselves. It made me feel like I did something good by helping this group. I think this website/idea is a great one, and can get more people to think about helping others as well as helping themselves. I only have so much to give and if I continue sending donations and supplies I’m going to end up being on that list asking for loans just like this group.

Mahlia King- Kiva Page

Brief Summary: Pedro and his wife Ivonne own a local convenient store in El Seco in the Mexican state of Puebla. They have been living in their house for over 37 years. It first started as a single room and gradually it has grown to accommodate the family. However, the kitchen and the kids bedroom still has a dirt floor since a rooms and bathrooms were a priority during the last construction work. One of their kids has presented some respiratory illness and the doctor says having a clean house with the least amount of dust possible is essential.

To do so, they need to build a proper floor as soon as possible and that is why they are requesting this credit. They also want to finish off the walls so they can avoid the wind and water coming through the cracks.

Their store is an informal business and income is not guaranteed, so access credit from other institutions is very difficult. Pedro and Ivonne will receive technical assistance and supervision from certified technicians that will make sure the constructions meets all quality and safety standards. Pedro and Ivonne are looking forward to do this final improvements to their home and provide their family with a better health and a better life.

Why I chose to help Pedro: I chose to help Pedro because I wanted to help him reach his goal. This was important to me because Pedro needs the money to make his house safer for his family. He also needs this money to help his child who has repository illness. I thought that it would be cool to help Pedro because Pedro and his wife are hardworking people. I think its also good because I’m helping Pedro and his family in 2 ways: to help his child feel better and to make his house safer.

How did it make you feel to help this person?
It made me feel good to help Pedro. It made me feel good because I was donating for a good cause. It also made me feel good because my money will be able to help Pedro and his family. It also made me feel good because I was able to help someone who was hardworking. So, I was able to help someone who really needed help.

What do you think of this idea/website? I like kiva because for most fundraisers they are only local, but kiva allows you to choose from a wide variety of people. I also like kiva because it lets you choose the amount of money you want to donate. So, overall I really like kiva.

Would you like to help someone this way in the future? Yes I would like to help someone this way in the future. I would like to help someone this way in the future because helping people makes me happy that I was able to help someone. I also like to help because when you donate on kiva you get to choose your person. So, I can donate to a good cause.

Alyssa Miciche- kiva page

I chose to help a girl named shushan she lives in Armenia and she sells clothing and she needed a little help with getting supplies. I felt very happy to help. I think this website is a good way to help people who need it. Yes I would like to help someone in the near future.

Sam Trone- Kiva Project

I choose to help Ata and his family from Palestine because their home got destroyed in the war. They lost everything and had to move into a small apartment for the time being. Ata is looking for money to rebuild his home and I wanted to help him because I can’t imagine losing everything I own.  It made me feel good to help Ata because I’m playing a part in helping get his life back to normal and he reached his goal! I think Kiva is a good website because it allows people who need help to broadcast their problem to help raise money for their cause! I think that if I had the extra money in the future I would look on Kiva to help somebody in need!!

Kacie Ahrens- Kiva Page

I chose Gabriela because she is hardworking, and she would use the money wisely. She seems like such a sweet and inspiring girl. I would love to actually be able to help her in the real world. I don’t know if I would trust donating over the site, I would prefer going to Ecuador to help her, to actually see the change, and difference it made in her life. I liked the website overall, but I wouldn’t donate it if I had the option too. 2056408

Katherine Grasser – Kiva Page

I cho0se to help this group because it was a very good cause. People here don’t tend to see how lucky we are and having water is so normal here. The water filters they are buying is helping the school children and that is a very good thing.

It would’ve made me feel great to help this person because its such and amazing thing to help and be a part of.

I think Kiva is an excellent way to help people in so many ways.

Honestly I would love to use this in the future since it is so easy to use and its a good thing to do.

Mohammad Bari- Kiva Page

Mohammad Bari- Kiva Page


Tasleem is a mother of 2 children. Some years ago she started her business selling animals in her community. Her husband fully supports and assists her with her work.


Why Did I Choose This Person- I choose this person because she is trying really hard to support her family along with her husband. Even tough she is a shy person she is trying to run a business which includes talking to people, she is beginning to overcome these obstacles in order to help her family financially.

Why This Person Need The Supplies They Need- Taslem needs the money because she needs it to buy more cattle, livestock in order for her business to continue

The average income for the country of Pakistan is

79,782 PKR which if converted to American dollars is


The major exports that Pakistan ships out are Pure Cotton Yarn, Crude Petroleum , Palm Oil and Raw Cotton.

The major imports that Pakistan receives are Felt, yarn, twine, Fish, meat and seafood and base metal tools.

Dollar amount- I would donate to them $50.00 because I want to help them improve their lives, and help Tasleem who is working hard to support her husband and family.

If I could help them in any other way I would also send supplies such as food, cloth and more to help them at home and at work.

If I could travel to this region I would physically help them in their work in any way I can until they are financially set.

Other ways to get people aware of this cause is to post this on major social media sites, or ask a a fundraiser organization and ask them for help.

Types of fundraisers I would use would be would most likely be a charity game.

Skype- Questions

1. When did you first start this business?

2. Why did you want to open this business?

3. How far do you think the business will go in the future?

4. If I may ask how much money (rupees) are you bringing into the house

5. How many children do you have?

5. Depending on your answer for question 5 do they work?

6. How much do both of you bring in yearly?

7. How many cattle do you need to sustain your business?

8. What is your husband job?

9. What do you need besides money to help you?

10. In return I don’t want anything only to help you.

I choose to help these people because the wife is trying her very best just to help her family, the people she loves.

I feel that I didn’t help enough, only 25.00 but I feel great in helping in any way that I could.

I think that this idea is a great idea, to help people, get to know them first then help them out.

Yes I would like to help someone in the future because they need help to improve their lives.

Danielle Ginevra-Kiva Project

I am helping out Gulsaira because she needs money for her family and she needs to provide for them. Also, I know she means well, and that by me helping her out she will use the money wisely for her job.By helping this person it made me happy because I know some people have unfortunate things that happen to them and by helping her out it made me feel good because I made her able to do what she needs to do.I like the website, I feel like it’s a good idea because you can give them money and tell others about it. Yes, I would want to help someone in the future, because everyone deserves to have a happy life.