Initial Laptop Training

Digital Citizenship is IMPORTANT!  Learn more:  Watch | Grades 6-8 | Grades 6-12 | Grades K-5 Coming Soon!

Short link to this page:

Ubuntu Laptop
(Devices Issues prior to Fall 2017)

Getting Started with Ubuntu Video

Link to previous version of this training (2015-16).

Link to Google Doc handout of the presentation notes.

Link to the 6th grade “Fresh Start” with Ubuntu presentation.

Link to specific set up procedures for EHMIS 7th grade.

ThinkPad Chromebook
(Devices issues Fall 2017 to present)

Video: Overview of Policies

Video 1 of 3: Outside Features and Initial Login

Video 2 of 3: The Keyboard Hot Keys and Trackpad

Video 3 of 3: Profile Image and Background

Link to Google Doc handout of the presentation notes.

Link to Google Slide Presentation.


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