New Vision!

Learners have a voice and choice for self-directed, customized learning supported by a caring and progressive network of educators.

As approved by our school board this past year, this is the new vision for our district. You may be wondering, just what is a vision statement? A vision statement is a description of what we want to accomplish in the next six years. It will serve as our guide for choosing specific courses of action. It becomes the framework for all of our planning for students. In essence, it describes our hopes and our dreams to ensure that all students reach their potential and experience success. It is a constant reminder of what we hope to achieve. It drives all of our actions.

As indicated in the vision statement, one of the components is that all learners will have choice. One of their choices will be in the manner in which they show that they have achieved mastery in the content area. The road to achieve this will involve much professional development for our teachers, changes in the way we currently do the day- to- day business of school, and changes for the expectations of our students.

One necessary component to begin to make our vision a reality is that students need equal access to technology that can enable them to have individual choice in their daily work at school. Our plan is to eventually provide computer access for every student, so that there is equality for all. That cannot happen in one or two years. This year, we have two phases planned for the high school students to receive computers. High school students and parents will be informed in September 2014 how this will happen.

This is our first step for students. Through the district newsletter and through our social media site, you will be regularly informed of our progress. We are very excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities this vision statement will afford for all of our students

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