Our Program


The South Western Academy (SWA) program was approved by the South Western School Board in May of 2013 for grades k to 12.  Academy learners are also official South Western School District (SWSD) learners.


Our Vision

Learners have a voice and choice for self-directed, customized learning supported by a caring and progressive network of educators.



All SWA learners will receive a laptop computer that is their own personal device to use as long as they are a SWSD learner. This is the same exact laptop computer that all SWSD learners use in our buildings.  Click here to learn more about these devices.


Our Curriculum Options


Connections Learning

Grades K to 8

The SWA program for grades K to 8 uses Pearson’s Connections Learning curriculum and teachers.  All Connections Learning teachers who work with our SWSD learners are highly qualified teachers certified by the state of Pennsylvania. These courses are graded through percentage grades (0-100%) and students will typically have one main Connections Learning teacher assigned to them as their primary learning coach. Learners can expect some physical materials to be delivered to their homes to help support the online curriculum materials. Students typically take 4 core classes, and then one or two “specials” such as art, music, keyboarding, etc. at any one time. Learners will need to connect with their Connections Learning teacher approximately 2 to 5 times per week for a 30 minute online “Live Session” (i.e. video chat) to talk about how things are going.

Parents of younger online learners need to plan to spend a fair amount of time helping their son/daughter plan out their day, assist with understanding lesson directions, monitoring their work habits, modeling how to troubleshoot problems, and help teach basic computer operation.

Academic Guidelines for Connections Learning

2017-18 Courses Available
Sample Instructional Tools



Grades 7 to 12


Our 7th to 12th grade program features online courses from Pearson Connexus that have been reviewed, adjusted, and are implemented by local South Western facilitators who are highly qualified teachers certified by the state of Pennsylvania in the courses they facilitate.  These courses are graded through percentage grades (0-100%). SWA has a physical location in South Western High School where our learners can come in to work as needed.  Our high school learners are also able to take face-to-face classes at SWHS if they would like. All SWA learners will receive a South Western School District Diploma once they have completed all applicable graduation requirements.

Courses available for grades 7 to 12  |  NCAA credit requirements

Sample Courses, Brochures, and White Papers

Directions to SWHS



We currently have an enrollment limit of 60 students.  This is to ensure we can provide the best educational experience for our learners based on the staff we have available.

SWA Panaroma
Above: SWA learners and facilitators working together in the Learning Commons.