Martin- Summer Break

This summer I am going to do a lot, probably a lot more than other people. The first thing I plan on doing is go down to senior week and the Ocean City Air Show. Then I am going to Germany for 17 days as an exchange student. Another thing I plan to do is hang out with my friends a lot and go to car shows. When I’m not doing any of that stuff I’ll most likely be working.

Fleischman – Summer Break!

My summer vacation will probably consist of working or moving on to further education. I might try to learn some new things on the computer, like coding or some 3D animation or models. I’ve been working on building a game during the school year, so I’ll try and finish that and see how it goes on steam, if I can get it passed greenlight (Steams pre-release program approved by players.) I’m going to try to work with Unity a little bit more and see if I can make a new game in that engine and see if that makes things easier or harder than before.