Hour of Code – Ben Fleischman

I did the Flappy Code and the Hour of Code tutorials.

The tutorials were easy for me because I know basic coding and did all these things before. I was slightly annoyed doing the repetition over and over again. It was a refresher in learning all I’ve been through to get to the point I was at in my programming journey.

Computer programming and computer science are important things for the ever changing future because everything we do involves technology and some kind of computer along with it.

Ben Fleischman – Kiva Page

I chose to help Wilfred because he wanted a dairy cow for production and to feed his family. I understood this from both points of view. I understand this as making money for his family and feeding them too. It’s a smart decision so that’s why I would give him money.

It made me feel useful to feel like I could help this person, I wish it was possible to help everyone but I can’t so I try to help as many people as possible.

The idea of Kiva is nice, because it helps people in need and shows people hope in humanity can possibly do nice things for other people.

I could possibly help people like this in the future because I hope I can make an abundance of money to give.

Zach Martin – Kiva Page


I chose to help Jose because he is just a guy with a low income trying to support his family and raise his children in better conditions. He doesn’t make a whole lot from his small farm but from the information on his Kiva page you can tell he’s been working really hard. I believe this man deserves some extra money.

It makes me feel good to help people, especially ones in need. This Kiva thing is a really good idea and I would definitely contribute in the future.

Hour of Code – Walsh

I completed the Code With Anna and Elsa tutorial. In this tutorial, I was taught how to put certain actions together to make Anna and Elsa make certain designs with their ice skates. For example, if I wanted to make a line, I would tell them to move forward 100 pixels. I personally do not enjoy computer programming, because it is so much work to make the computer do one action.

Hour Of Codes

I thought the hole hour of code thing was really cool because it shows people who don’t know how others create games and websites that we use. I think they could have gone a little me in-depth with and and show us how to create websites but its okay because I already know how to build my own websites with code.