The Greatest to ever play the game.?

WHEN    2/5/17


TITLE of the Article

Super Bowl 51: Patriots Take the Fifth in Epic Comeback


WHO is the article about? Tom Brady and the Patriots


SUMMARIZE   Tom Brady wining the suer bowl. Tom Brady might go down as the best QB to ever play the game.  Even in the last 2 super bowls he was down late and they came back at the end. Tom Brady has 5 super bowl rings and 4 MVP’s for the Super bowl!


  1. Patriots won the super bowl
  2. Patriots Won the superbowl 34-28
  3. Tom Brady was the MVP
  4. At one point the Patriots were down by more then 10 points


Houston , Super Bowl 51 ,

IDEOLOGY   They are calling Tom Brady the best QB to ever play the game. Its pretty cool that he’s  in our generation.


HOW DO I FEEL.? I didn’t really want the Patriots to win. But they won so I can’t say Tom Brady isn’t great he really is !


HOW DOES THIS AFFECT ME? Because I like football and I couldn’t watch the game because I was out with my girl. Really the only time I ever missed the super bowl in my life. But I guess Ladies first right!?!?

ANALYSIS of the article. Yes I can detect Bias because they are calling him the best ever. That’s an opinion. That’s not a fact , I agree with it but it’s still bias


SIGNIFICANCE why is this story significant? Because Tom Brady is a Goat!! A lot of people don’t like him But he is the greatest, You can’t deny that! He has 5 Super bowl Rings. 4 super bowl MVP’s, 2 League MVP’s, He number 1 in all Quarter Back categories Passing Yards, Passing Touchdowns, and even more !


CONNECT TO CLASS how is this story connected to something we have discussed or learned in this class. Yeah we discussed it like on the side. Like people started to talk about it.