Eunice is a 26 year old women that lives in Kenya. She has to support 7 family members. She has been practicing farming for awhile. she needs fertilizer and seeds and get more farm produce for sell. Her hopes and dreams are to expand her growing of cash crops to be more successful. 

I chose her because she needs money to support her children. Without money to support her children she has no way to educate them and get them things they need to live. Her children sound like a top priority. Also she needs money for herself. She needs a house and things to put in it.

Helping her would be a nice thing to do. I would feel bad for not helping the the people that need it. She already has 18% of help she needs 225 more dollars to be done.

Kiva is great. It is very good for the people it benefits. Kiva is a benefactor for people in small poor countries. There should be more websites like kiva.

I would like to help someone like this in the future. I feel like there will be more websites created like this in the future. The people who create these websites are probably happy with their accomplishments.

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