Oppositional, Defiant, and Disruptive Children and Adolescents Conference

Kelly Danfelt, Natalie Goodfellow, and I attended a conference on Oppositional, Defiant, and Disruptive Children and Adolescents on April 8, 2016 in Harrisburg, PA.

In the conference, we learned effective strategies for ODD, ADHD, anxiety, autism, and attachment and mood disorders. The speaker was Scott Wells, a mental health counselor who served for 15 years with the Lincoln Public Schools as a behavior specialist and psychotherapist.

At the conference, we learned the following:

1. How to identify behavioral episodes that challenge educators

2. How to identify proactive and reactive strategies for oppositional, defiant, and disruptive children and adolescents.

3. How to discuss interplay between oppositional defiant behavior and other conditions such as anxiety.

4. How to improve intervention skills with youth.

5. How to implement proactive strategies such as writing a behavior intervention plan and safety plan for school.

Scott Walls used case studies as well as action-oriented handouts and we left with a packet of useful information.

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