Predictions for Tonight:

Tonight could be the make or break night for all those who do not want to see Donald Trump or Ted Cruz as the Republican nominee. Better yet, tonight could hold the potential for Donald Trump to further increase his chances of securing the nomination, making a challenger very slim. So far, Donald Trump leads the delegate race with 460 delegates; Cruz trails with 370. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Governor John Kasich of Ohio need to have great nights and win their incumbent states in order to even have a chance at remaining in the race. Here are the states voting today: Florida (99 winner take all delegates), Illinois (69 delegates), Missouri (52 delegates), North Carolina (72 delegates), and Ohio (66 winner take all delegates). Here are my predictions:


Winner: Donald J. Trump

Trump: 37.2%

Rubio: 34.4%

Cruz: 21.3%

Kasich: 6.0%


Winner: Donald J. Trump

Trump: 46.2%

Cruz: 34.3%

Rubio: 9.4%

Kasich: 6.2%


Winner: Ted Cruz

Cruz: 38.8%

Trump: 34.4%

Rubio: 16.4%

Kasich: 7.1%

North Carolina:

Winner: Donald J. Trump

Trump: 39.4%

Cruz: 32.6%

Rubio: 14.3%

Kasich: 8.4%


Winner: John Kasich

Kasich: 38.3%

Trump: 34.2%

Cruz: 21.4%

Rubio: 6.1%

Tonight is the night, despite my opposition of him, to shine for Donald Trump.



Marco, John, Please Drop Out

Despite their outgoing and appealing personalities in this race, I urge Senator Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich to drop out of this race and make it a two-way race between Senator Ted Cruz and Donald J. Trump. Cruz is the only person that has and can be Donald J. Trump significantly. Ted is a TrusTED candidate and is our only chance of beating the business mogul tearing apart the Republican Party.

Predictions For Tonight:



Winner: Ted Cruz  

Key Deciding Factor: Strong Conservative State, North of Texas and Oklahoma, Important Issue: Immigration Reform


Ted Cruz: 34.8%

Donald J. Trump: 32.7%

Marco Rubio: 27.4%

John Kasich: 5.1%



Winner: Donald J. Trump

 Key Deciding Factor: Won Tennessee, Conservative Stronghold, but not as South. Important Issue(s): Education, Small Businesses, Energy Independence


Donald J. Trump: 34.9%

Ted Cruz: 28.6%

Marco Rubio: 24.3%

John Kasich: 12.2%



Winner: Very Close, but Ted Cruz

Key Deciding Factor: Conservative Stronghold, Latest Attacks on Donald J. Trump Important Issue(s): Healthcare, Energy, Immigration


Ted Cruz: 34.2%

Donald J. Trump: 33.7%

Marco Rubio: 25.3%

John Kasich: 6.8%



Winner: Donald J. Trump

Key Deciding Factor: Moderate State, Northern State, Donald Trump Strategies Important Issue(s): Energy, Economics


Donald J. Trump: 37.2%

John Kasich: 33.8%

Marco Rubio: 19.9%

Ted Cruz: 10.1%

Overall Winner: Close, but because of Delegates, Donald J. Trump



My Thoughts on Senator Marco Rubio and Ohio Governor John Kasich:

Although Senator Ted Cruz is by far my favorite candidate in this race, my second favorite would have to be the senator of Florida, Marco Rubio. I believe Marco would be one of the best presidents when it would come to uniting this country, and I equally believe the same for a more moderate Republican, John Kasich. However, since Kasich is a moderate, I disagree with many of his policies. He can, however, keep his calm and thoroughly think through practical solutions for bipartisan problems, and I appreciate that about him– his willingness to think through both sides despite the labels of “Republican”, “Democrat”, “conservative”, or “liberal”. I also would also trust his previous political experience in order to guide us as a country and narrow our federal deficit, having previously done the same both in Ohio, where he oversaw a surplus, and in Washington. I disagree with Marco to a lesser extent, but my biggest concerns include his previous position on amnesty through the Gang of Eight Bill, the required labeling of GMO’s, and his true neocon policies, especially when it comes to overthrowing President Assad of Syria. I do, however, support a larger, more modern military. I am, to an extent, however, an isolationist on most issues. With Marco, I also disagree with a large concern on his view regarding the Patriot Act and the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), that of which I both strongly oppose. I also strongly oppose the NSA spying on its citizens through basic metadata, phone call tracking, etc.


My thoughts on Senator Ted Cruz:

By far, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is my favorite presidential candidate. The only candidate proven to beat front-runner Donald Trump in more than one occasion, Cruz is the truest conservative of the pack. By far, his voting records prove to be more conservative than than not only fellow counterpart Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, but also amidst the rest of the pack. Personally, I urge the evangelicals of this country to vote for Cruz, the one true socially, domestically, militarily, and economically conservative candidate that has opposed the Gang of Eight Bill’s proposed amnesty for working illegal immigrants, Obamacare, who has fought for the Pledge of Allegiance, against abortions and the bureaucratic organization of Planned Parenthood, against the Supreme Court decision of legalizing gay marriage, supported abolishing the IRS and instituting a simple business flat tax of 16% under the concept of the Austrian Economic Theory, who has supported abolishing the EPA and business regulations destroying small businesses and moving jobs overseas, and who has finally urged for a stronger building of our nation’s outdated military. Ted Cruz is a TrusTED conservative and advocate of religious liberty. I urge you to vote for this fighter who has time and time again fought against the Washington Cartel.




Just recently, Dr. Ben Carson suspended his campaign Friday evening. Once a front runner among with fellow opponent Donald Trump, Carson began to drop considerably and never recovered, pun unintentional. Carson only totaled 8 delegates following Super Tuesday and found it very challenging just to get speaking time at a majority of the recent GOP debates. Ben Carson had the passion and the desire to make this country a better place, but ultimately, he never succeeded.


Super Tuesday:

Today is by far the most important date in the presidential race. Known as Super Tuesday, over half of the required delegates for the nomination are rewarded for Republicans, and Texas is the crown jewel when it comes to delegates awarded later tonight. For Republicans, Texas totals 155 delegates rewarded, and Donald Trump is preparing an upset on incumbent senator of the state, Ted Cruz. In order to have a chance for the nomination, both Cruz, Rubio, and Sanders have to have prime nights. Trump currently leads the delegate race with 82, 65 more than runner-up Cruz. On the other hand, Clinton has 546 of the 2,383 needed for the nomination. Bernie only has 87, but had an outstanding win in New Hampshire. For Republicans, 661 delegates of the needed 1,237 for the nomination will be awarded, and for Democrats, 865 will be awarded. For both parties, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, Texas, and Virginia will hold contests. Republicans in Alaska will hold caucuses, while Democrats will hold caucuses in Colorado. Democrats will also hold a contest in American Samoa.

Hillary Clinton: Washington Crony and Fraud

Enough said about Hillary being the first female president. Quite simply, all I have to say on Hillary are five words that clearly represent who she is as a person: a liar, bureaucrat, socialist, selfish, and fraud. First things first, Hillary shouldn’t be allowed to run. She committed treason through her email scandal, that of which the extent of this crime goes further and further by day–fraud. Benghazi– selfish liar. Keynesian policies, supporter of subsidies, big government, higher taxes, and government regulation–bureaucrat, socialist. Using her email server irresponsibly as Secretary of State for her the Clinton Foundation and her own personal gain–selfish. Not to mention, she also stole White House furniture for her own personal use. What a joke Hillary! If I have any words to say about Hillary in terms of advice, I would say one thing: #HillaryForPrison2016.

I hope you enjoy the hateful meme I made:

Hillary Meme