Thank you for taking time to review the digital application from the librarians at South Western School District in Hanover, Pennsylvania.  We have learned a great deal about one another and our library program through this process, giving us the opportunity to understand the bigger picture of working as a team.

The evidence supporting each indicator within the Outstanding Individual School Library Award Rubric can be found when looking to the four target indicator pages listed to the right. Here, one can find further evidence to document items within the formal application, which can be found HERE: PSLA Outstanding Contributor District Award Rubric.  The combination of these documents showcase why the South Western School District is worthy to be considered as a nominee for this important award.

Look for the formal nomination sheet required by PSLA HERE: Outstanding School Library Award Nomination Application.

And finally, look for letters of support provided by administration and faculty members HERE:

Most sincerely submitted,

IMG_0330 (2)

Diane Greenholt
South Western High School


20150614_130901 (2)

Kimberly Porter
Emory H. Markle Intermediate School


IMG_3229 (3)

Melissa McElwee
Baresville Elementary School


20150611_211113-1 (2)

Tina Hagarman
Manheim Elementary School


photo (99)

Shannon Resh
Park Hills Elementary School

0612151437 (2)

Stacey Fisher
West Manheim Elementary School

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