Make Media Resolutions for 2018

Happy New Year!

It can be tough to stay ahead of our kids when it comes to media and technology! We encourage our kids to use the Internet and their devices for homework, learning new things and making things too! Many of us are in the same boat when it comes to wanting to make sure the kids are safe, accessing age appropriate content and also valuing the importance of face to face communication in this time of increasing digital interactions.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve just had a full length conversation with your child only to be told that NONE of the super important information you communicated was heard? Quite possibly, it even happens in reverse, as we can all be guilty of trying (and failing) to divide our attention.

Scroll down for a few media resolutions you may find useful to find a balance with media, technology and family.

Choose one night a week to share YouTube videos with each other. Kids get a lot of entertainment, news and pop culture from YouTube. They just aren’t watching television in the same room with their family the way many of us did when we were growing up. Adults can share something interesting and also get a peek into what has their attention. Check out the Popular YouTube Gamers Kids Can’t Get Enough Of and the SciShow channel!

Lead by example by putting down your device at a certain time each evening. This can be so hard! We use our devices for so much these days, that it can be difficult to set a boundary for ourselves. Set a “device shut down” time and stick to it.

Commit to learning about one media item your kid is passionate about. If you’ve been subjected to even one wandering Minecraft adventure story, you know it’s easy to tune out. But, it MATTERS to them – it’s in their world! Take it as a good sign when they share something with you and use it to spark a conversation. You don’t have to know it all – just enough to keep the conversation going.

Get your free account at Common Sense Media for complete access to their new YouTube guide!  ~From the site~ Get to know the vast world of YouTube — from unboxing videos to DIY tutorials — and decide which popular channels are right for your kids.