The Lemonade War



In a brief synopsis from School Library Journal, we read that, “Evan Treski and his younger sister, Jessie, get along well in many ways. They play together, and their natural talents are complementary. Jessie is a whiz in math and other school subjects, but feelings were her weakest subject. Evan is competent in the social arena, but he is not such a good student. Their relationship changes the summer between Evan’s third and fourth grades, when a letter arrives announcing what the boy sees as total disaster for him. He and his bright, skipping-third-grade sister will be in the same class. Thus begins the Lemonade War over which child can make the most money during the last week before school. The story is highly readable and engaging, filled with real-life problems that relate to math, getting along with siblings and friends, dealing with pride, and determining right from wrong. It even gives a glimpse into the marketing world. Each chapter begins with a marketing term, defined, but implemented as only competing children can. The result is a funny, fresh, and plausible novel with likable characters.”

About the Author (from JacquelineDavies.net and Encyclopedia.com):
Jacqueline Davies was born on July 25, 1962, in Cleveland, Ohio, to Dr. I. John Davies and Ann R. Davies. She has two older sisters, Leslie and Kim, and a younger brother, Tom. Ms. Davies lived in Cleveland; Portland, Oregon; Hingham, Massachusetts; La Jolla, California; and Wellesley, Massachusetts, as a child. In 1980, she graduated from Wellesley High School and then went on to attend Brown University, where she was graduated in 1984 with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Creative Writing. While at Brown, she studied with poet Michael Harper, novelist John Hawkes, and novelist Meredith Steinbach.

After graduating from college, Ms. Davies lived in Greece and France for two years. Upon returning to the Boston area to live, she began a successful career writing corporate marketing pieces on a freelance basis. In 1992, she wrote her first children’s book, a picture book about a discontented blowfish; the book remains unsold to this day.

“I’ve been writing stories since I was five, but I turned to writing books for kids when I was thirty. Previously, I’d written nonfiction and short stories for adults, but honestly I couldn’t quite figure out what the point was. Most of the adults I knew were pretty set in their ways. They’d figured out a lot of what makes the world tick, and they didn’t get particularly worked up over the books they read. But kids, kids are full of juice. They do get excited about the books they read—the ones that make them laugh, the ones that make them check under the bed before going to sleep, the ones that make them think and cry and think some more. Kids really get INTO a story, and that was the kind of audience I wanted for my books.

“When I talk to kids who’ve read my books, they often tell me their reactions. ‘I was so sad when the cat died, I wished I could change that part.’ ‘Reading about John James Audubon made me go outside and start drawing birds myself. It’s hard!’ ‘The character of Eleanor reminded me of my sister. I wish I was more like them because they’re brave and have adventures.’ I love these comments. They help me see inside the story that I wrote to the story that is actually experienced by the reader. I feel extraordinarily lucky to have such a collaborative experience with my readers.”

Learn more about the author at her website at www.jacquelinedavies.net

Reviews & Awards:

  • NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students K-12
  • John Burroughs List of Nature Books for Young Readers
  • Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award
  • New York Library’s Best Books List
  • NCSS Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People
  • IRA/CBC Children’s Award Notable Book for Fiction
  • Bank Street College of Education’s Best Children’s Books
  • CCBC Choices Award

Featured Activities:
Reading calendar for families
Daily trivia questions in school
Economics, sibling rivalry and Jacqueline Davies book displays in library
Family create/design projects for participation award and raffle prizes
AUTHOR VISIT to each school in March!!!

** On January 4, 2017, teachers at all four elementary school were invited to participate in an after school paint event to create the amazing artwork to use as a sneak peek for the students.  Here are just a few pictures of that special afternoon:



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