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Conference on Integrated Learning

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The conference opened with Todd Whitaker speaking about “What Great Educators Do Differently”.   This is a book Todd wrote.  Each attendee at the conference received the book.  One thing I liked that he said is Twitter is one of the best Professional Development tools.  You can steal ideas from other people.  There is no obligation and you can pick and choose what you want to respond to with no pressure.  One of his ideas is that  effort is important.  Greet the students each day, show you are on their side. Don’t get into a debate with students, sidle up to them.  Sit beside them at assemblies and say nothing.  Don’t make things into a power struggle.  Every single day treat every single student with dignity.  You don’t have to like the students, but you have to act like you like them.  Never argue, never yell, and sarcasm is never appropriate.

Comprehensive K-12 School Counseling Plan Showcases:  Leadership for Career and College Readiness  was the first session I attended.  What I found most important from this session and some of the others I attended was the discussion on the Future Ready PA Index which is a different way schools are going to be evaluated starting with this school year.  Testing is not going to be the only factor in the evaluation,  This is where our Comprehensive K-12 Counseling Program is so essential.  Franklin Regional School District shared what they are doing in their district for career integration.  This includes  6-8 grade parents sharing information on their Career Pathway.  They said for the new evaluation there needs to be evidence of the activity not just a checklist.  Participation is not proof. I asked about a reflection of the activity in Career Cruising Journal and was told this would suffice as evidence.

Job Shadowing:  The Endgame of a Comprehensive Middle School Counseling Program was covered by Counselors from Warrior Run Middle School.  I liked their 5th grade Entrepreneurship Project.  Each student creates a business.  They have to determine, if this is feasible, what to they need for their business, skills needed, equipment needed, and if there is a need for this in their area.  Each student then presented their findings through a presentation, game, etc.  Journeys to Jobs has lessons on this.  6th grade they do the Holland Code Assessment and attend their local CTC. (Vo-Tech)  Something important I learned in this session is that a students information can be put in a folder to make an Electronic Portfolio in Sapphire.  Each 8th grade student shadows on a designated day in May.  Students and parents are told in September when this day is and that students must make the arrangements.  Last year they had 100% participation.  Suggested avoiding Fridays as some businesses are closed on Fridays.  All 9th graders have to shadow at some time during the year.  Does not have to be a designated day.

Davie Jane Gilmour-President, Penn College of Technology was our dinner speaker.  She has been the President of Penn Tech for 20 years.  Her discussion was on the Skills Gap.  A study in Detroit has shown that Manufacturing is low as far as a career choice for young people and parents.  Only 36% of parents said they would encourage their children to go into manufacturing.  Gen Y and millennials rated manufacturing as last career choice.  Penn College is having their first Grad Degree in Physician Assistant.  They eliminate programs when not enough students are going into the programs, and and when there are no jobs in the area.

The Future Ready PA Index:  Pennsylvania’s College and Career Readiness Accountability Report

Brian Campbell-Director, PDE’s Bureau of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction served as the speaker.  Brian discussed the new regulations being implemented this year to measure school success more holistically.  This is a more comprehensiveness measure that values schools efforts to help all students learn, grow, and succeed in the classroom and beyond. There is less reliance on standardized test scores.  They now are looking at how we are preparing students to be Career and College Ready.  So much of this ties into what we are doing with our K-12 comprehensive Counseling Plan.  For 2017-2018 these components are measured;  State Assessment Measures (advanced/proficient) , On-Track Measures (English Language Proficiency and Chronic Absenteeism) , and College and Career Readiness Measures (Graduation Rates, Career Readiness Indicators, Industry Based Learning, Courses of Rigor, Post Secondary Transition to School, Military or Work).  Students must have an Individualized Carer Plan starting in 8th Grade.

Innovative School Counselor Training With a Leadership Focus  Presented by Dr. Thomas Starmack, Bloomsburg University Professor of Educational Leadership.  Bloomsburg was seeing there were not programs in School Counseling in their area, so they created a program in conjunction with their Educational Leadership Program.  This is a K-12 certification.  Often School Counselors, Principals, and Curriculum Development People are in these courses together.  With the 339 and ASCA suggestions that counselors are Agents of Change, Leaders, Advocates, this plan seems to fit in well with NISL Themes (National Institute of School Leaders).

The Advisory Council-Building Partnerships with a Business/ Industry/Community  This is very timely since we are in our second year of our K-12 Advisory Board which will meet again this Thursday, November 16.  It sounded like most districts are just starting to meet with their boards this year.  One suggestion we can use it to have as many people from outside the district as inside the district.  Another suggestion I liked was when we develop Pathways to have someone from business/industry representing each Pathway.  They also shared an agenda from Warrior Run.  It looks similar to what we are doing with our board.  I think attending this session helped reinforce that we have a great start in this area.

Utilizing Data to Improve School Climate and Culture Through the Implementation of School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports  In this session I learned that this can be a lengthy process.  Delaware County Technical High Schools started this effort in 2012.  First step is getting the right people to serve on this committee. Then gather data on Discipline, including number, and time of the incidents.  Next is putting intervention into place.  They changed cafeteria monitoring and issues went down.  There are 3 Key Features-Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.  Must teach expected behavior.  The committee meets monthly and goes over the data.  It is based on data and using that to form your program.  There are 4 stages.  1.  Preparation  2.  Evaluation  3.  Action Planning  4.  Implementation.

I am glad I attended the Conference.  It has been a while since I have attended, but each time I come back with a lot of useful information.  Although a lot of focus was on CTE’s (Career and Technical Institutes) there was a lot for those in a traditional school system.  During the conference I found myself wishing someone else from the district  was  along to bounce ideas off of and to attend the sessions I was not able to attend.  I was also able to bring back useful handouts.  Thank you for allowing me to attend this session.







About Me

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I have been a member of the South Western High School faculty since 1994.   I first served as a Guidance Counselor, and since 2006 I have served as the School to Career Coordinator for the high school.   As the School To Career Coordinator, I develop programs to help students determine what they would like to do in the future.

I have a  Masters Degree from McDaniel College, and a BS from Penn State, and I graduated from Spring Grove High school.   Professionally I  serve on both the Hanover Chamber Of Commerce Eye Opener Breakfast Committee and Workforce Development Committee.  I also Co-Chair the York County Alliance For Learning Education Committee.  YCAL Education Committee is a group of individuals who represent each school district in York County.   We meet each month to develop ideas,  plan and coordinate programs to help students with Career Exploration.

My family consists of my husband, my twin son and daughter and many animals.   I enjoy gardening, antiques, and spending time with my family raising our animals.  I truly love my job and hope to assist South Western students in finding a careers they will enjoy.

Senior Interviews

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All seniors are required to complete a formal interview with a Hanover  business person as part of their Graduation Project requirements.  Interviews will occur during late September or early October.  Information with details of interviews and interview preparation will be provided to all seniors.

Welcome to My New Blog

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Thanks to my participation in our district’s week long Tech Summit, I was able to develop a new blog to provide information to students, parents and my fellow faculty members.  Thanks too Mr. Graves who was our instructor for the blog workshop.