Igniting Innovation

In the article by Julia Russell she explains that in order to be innovative you have to be destructive at the same time. According Jeff DeGraff “The challenge is, until you make room for something new, there will be no opportunity to do something,” What I’m getting is that basically in order to succeed there has to be sacrafice. DeGraff uses the two examples of Apple and Microsoft. Apple stopped making beige computers and introduced the colorful iMacs. Microsoft dropped DOS to make room for Windows. Ian Ryder commented on the article disagreeing with DeGraff saying that he’s not describing innovation, but stategy. Both Apple and Microsoft made a sacrafice, but it was stategized and not innovation. In a way I agree with Ryder because the products they enhanced were existing already and they were just dropping another product to better another. Innovation according to dictionary.com means ” something new or different is introduced.” I read this article because with this years FBLA theme being Ignighting Innovation it only made sense to learn about Innovation.