On My Honor

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On my honor is about to kids who decide to go rock climbing on the dangerous starved rock but when they reach the for-bitten river Tony challenges Joel to a swimming race in the very dangerous river and Tony wins the race but when he looks back for Joel he finds hat he is gone and realizes that he drowned. Tony totally forgot that Joel couldn’t swim! See what happens next!!

The City of Ember

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The book The City of Ember is a very awesome and mysterious book. It is about a girl named lina and a boy named Doon are on a mission to find the other world and they found out that there is a way out when Lina finds directions to get out of Ember but she doesn’t want to tell the nice lady taking care of her because her grandmother died during one of their black outs. Finally Doon finds a weird place for a door and it was locked so then finally later they went and tried again and it was open then they found the Mayor in there with all the good food. they found out that he was stealing from the people. Then Later they found the way out but sorry i can’t say anymore you’ll have to read it yourself. Check your local library and hopefully they’ll have it .

The Candymakers

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The Candymakers is about four different kids named Logan,Miles,Philip,and Daisey. They are all together in a competition to make the worlds greatest candy. All of them don’t know each other except for Philip because he knows Logan, But Logan doesn’t relies that Philip was the boy that had accidentally threw his toy truck in the Candy machine. until the day of the competition when he meets his dad. Then Logan figured it all out, that Philip was his friend and that he was the boy who had caused all of his scars up and down his left side of his face and arm. Logan is a sweet boy and he really didn’t care he just wanted to give Philip back his truck and he got to.Does Logan every get Philips truck back? You’ll have to read and see. Miles is a boy that was always afraid of water after the day that he saw a girl run into the water and never come up again. He thought that The girl was running away from bees but she wasn’t. That girl was Daisey and if you want to find out what happened just get the book from your local Library and you can read and see.
Be a Book worm

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Wild Horses

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There was a teenaged girl that always wanted a horse, and one day she finally got one, and named it Paris. At first the horse was really wild, and soon they bonded. Then one night she heard her parents fighting and the next morning they broke the news. They were moving to Montana. She was really upset when she found out she couldn’t take Paris. The next week they moved and she didn’t talk to her parents for a long time when finally she found a horse and she loved it as much as Paris. Soon after that a man started to love her but he did not want a horse. She had to make the decision between her horse or the man she loved. If you’d like to find out who she chooses, find the book at your local library. I would recommend reading this book. It is very interesting. Enjoy!

Warriors Into the Wild

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Warriors Into the Wild is about a cat named Rusty, well that’s what his name started as. Soon after he decides that he wants to go into the woods and check out what it’s like in there. When Rusty was in the woods he felt like something was watching him. Then a jab of pain went through him , when he noticed that there was a wild cat on his back fighting him! After the cat realized that Rusty was no intruder of they stood there and talk a while when the cat realized another cat smell that he recognized he told rusty to go but then the cat (who was the leader of the other clan cat’s clan) she told him he did a great job of fighting back at Graystripe and asked him to join there clan and told him to come back with them so they did. He soon grew up to be a very strong and really good warrior in the Thunder Clan. Even if he was a Kitty Pet!

I loved this book and I think that you should read it too. There are more than one series in this book so make sure you have the right series of the book. You can check on the back of you’re book.

Be a Book Worm!


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Smile is a comic book and it’s about a girl that knocked out her two front teeth out and she’s been struggling about fixing her teeth. She had really good old friends but as they grew older they got meaner. Then after they were being really mean she was choosing to abandon them. She found new friends and became a nicer person and around the time the dentist fixed her teeth.

Why Is Snot Green

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Why is snot green is about science just is about a little kid and he’s asking all these questions on science for instance like Do rabbits fart? He asked and then a scientist answered ” Quite simply yes all animals fart because it’s the digestive system battling against gas. So it’s a pretty weird book that you can get at the Park Hills Library. Check it out! Love your Happy Reader Lala

Junie B Jones Jingle Bells Bat Man Smells so Does May.

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This is about a girl named Junie B and she has a enemy her name is May and May doesn’t like her well Junie b is having a class party and you had to be a secret Sana for someone and she picked a ballet out of the hat and she got May. She was so mad and soon they had to pick out presents for the secret people and Junie B saw a this called a squeeze a burp and she wanted it she planned I’ll buy the squeeze a burp for myself buy my grandparent dinosaur tattoos and alien tattoos for my parents then I’ll get may a piece of coal like what she deserves. But at the party when May opened her present May got the SQUEEZE A BURP looks like Junie B lightened up a little.

In The Grip Of Grace by Max Lucado

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In the Grip of Grace is about all these different Christian stories and then it tells a summery about the people in all the stories and tells where they come in the Bible.

For example there’s a story and it’s about 5 kids one obeys his father all the time and their father said to them “Do not touch the river because if you do you’ll be pulled into the current and be pulled away from the palace.” Well all four boys went to the river and one said, ” I’ll hold on to you an you can put one finger in and then we have touched the river. Soon they were pulled in to the current and they were pulled far away. Many other things happened but I think you need to read it your self. So please obey your parents and mostly God.

Gregor and The Prophecy of Bane

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Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane is about a boy named Gregor and his little sister boots who have to beat the prophecy but things are getting in the way. If you think if you know what it is leave a comment………

Thins story was a very cool but had some really sad parts it made me not want to put it down because first one thing happened then another and so many good things happened.

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