My Rating System

1.India Jones Action

Full of fun action. It must be exciting and leave you keep wanting to read more. As long as it has action, I’ll be under the covers at night reading my book!

2. Essential Ending

A book needs to end. Period. Even in the situation of a sequel something monumental needs to happen to leave the audience in awe! It needs to also leave you thinking about as you take in all the huge events that happen.

3. Inspiration Nation

The book has to inspire me about the topic. A GREAT book always leaves me wanting to learn more about the topic. I should want to know the awesome things that made the book the great book it is.

4. Shocker

I come out of nowhere. Foreshadowing is my ally. Can you guess what I am. I’m the Shocker! A book must be full of surprises and twist thought the entire plot. Sometimes the least possible thing you think can happen, happens!

5. My New Buddy

A book needs me to be hooked. I need a friend to silently converse with. My new buddy is a great book. I need to spend time with this buddy as he gives me ideas, I write about him.