Winter Break

Over this winter break, I visited with a lot of family. My sister and nieces and nephews came to visit. We spent Christmas together. We visited Washington, DC for a day. I spent a lot of time with family and friends over the break.

Hour of Code

For the Hour of Code, I did the Angry Birds tutorial. In the tutorial, we had to get the bird to turn and move in different directions. The tutorial taught me how to use computer coding to move the bird where it needed to be. Even though it wasn’t that hard, it still taught me a little bit about computer programming. I think computer science would be a good career for someone who is good with computers.

Skype_ brittney wildasin

i think skype is very useful. i think it is very useful because if a relative is out of state or lives in a different country you can use skype to talk to them. also you can see them to since it a video chat. i really like skype and more people should use it.

Hannah Huff Kiva

Daysi is from El Salvador. Daysi is 25 years old. She lives in her own house with her two children, a 7 year old and a 6 month old baby. She is a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit who for the past 3 years has being selling a variety of fruit like apples, watermelon, oranges, melons, and other seasonal fruit wanted by her customers. Daysi and her children live from the income she makes from this business so it is very important for her finances. I chose to help Daysi because she needs the money to help her family because they live from the income she makes in the business.

It made me feel good to help someone that I knew needed the help. I like the idea and the website because its a good way for people that need help to get it. Yes I would like to help someone in the future.

Vacation plans

Over winter break I don’t have many plans. I’m going to visit my family for Christmas. I’m also going to be hanging out with my friends. But most of my break is going to be seeing family I don’t get to see very often.

Hannah F-kiva

I choose Angelina. I choose her because she stuck out in the group of people i had to choose. She was in the middle and was the first one to catch my eye. I think this is a very good way to help people who are struggling and its a good website. The idea of helping this person would have made me feel good although I would have rather helped by donating fire wood  instead of money. I would like to help someone this way in the future.

Vacation Plans-Chloe Heffron

I don’t really have any set plans for this winter break. Mostly, I’m just going to see my family members and maybe hangout with some friends. I’m excited to see my family members that live far away because I don’t get to see them that often.

summer- hannah f

My favorite season is summer. I love to do a lot during the summer vacation. My favorite thing to do during the summer is going to ocean city. I love jumping the waves and being able to lay on the beach and tan. It is so nice down there and i love the feel of the sand on my feet. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends. I hardly ever am home during the summer. I also visit my family in New York for longer periods of time in the summer. We go up every august and go to the Washington county fair. I also go to a lot of the carnivals with my friends down here. I love seeing fireworks on the 4th of  July. Summer is my favorite season because of the beautiful weather and all the things to do.

winder brake hannah F

This winter brake i have many plans. Tonight I’m staying at my friends were watching movies and hanging out all night then tomorrow morning I’m going to celebrate Christmas with my boyfriends family. Then I’m going home later that night after Christmas eve dinner. Christmas morning I’m opening presents with my mom and brother. Later that day we are going to the movies. The 28th is my birthday so I’m probably going to go out to dinner with my boyfriend and come home and have cake and ice cream with my mom and brother. The 29th until the 3rd we are going up to new york to see our friends and family. The 30th we are having a big family get together to see my moms side of the family and then I’m going to see my dad the 1st and were going into the city to see the ball drop. Then we are coming home to get ready to go back to school.

Plans during winter break

My plans during winter break is hanging with family doing activities with them. Open presents with my family. Giving them gifts they wanted to get and see what others got for me. If it snows i will be shoveling snow at my house to keep the driveway and sidewalk free from snow. I will probably be babysitting my sister if needed when the adults go out and do things. There’s nothing else that i will do besides that and play video games in my room with some friends.