Women’s Chorus


This organization is open to young women in grades 9 – 12 on the basis of an audition held each January. The Women’s Chorus seeks to perform excellent treble literature and can be heard performing in the Holiday Concert and the Spring Concert.

Grading Procedures

Our goal is to have an excellent choral program. There are several very important components that come together to form an excellent program. Quality music and ample rehearsal time are a necessity, but what actually occurs during the rehearsal is the most important ingredient. Without respectful and responsible learning are established and reinforced with a grade. Remember, our goal is excellence, not mediocrity.

Below is a description of the grading procedures:

The members of the Women’s Chorus will be provided a notebook to be used for the purpose of keeping a journal. It is the hope that through the journal, students will become better listeners, team members, performers and of course, musicians. The journal will involve several types of writing observations:

1. Listening Examples – Musical examples will be provided during the course of the nine-week period. Students will be asked to describe the following:

a.) Time period of the selection

b.) Language

c.) Voicing

d.) Accompaniment

e.) Style

f.) Which of our pieces may be similar

2. Rehearsal/Performance Critiques – A rehearsal or performance will be selected by the director during the nine-weeks. Students should describe the various aspects of the rehearsal/performance as well as critique both the positive and negative aspects of the rehearsal/performance.

3. Peer Evaluation – Students will evaluate a fellow singer during a rehearsal using the same basis as a singing exam. These areas include: note & rhythmic accuracy, intonation, tone quality and correct vocal habits.

4. “Deep Thoughts” – This will be used for rambling, miscellaneous thoughts as guided by the director.

Each student will be expected to turn in the journal ONE TIME during the nine-week period. The number of journal entries required will be determined by the director.

In addition, students will also be expected to complete a singing exam during the 2nd and 4th nine weeks. During this exam, students will be asked to sing a section of a concert song with piano accompaniment. The exam will be evaluated on the basis of correct notes, correct rhythms, intonation and correct vocal habits. The exam will be scheduled by Mrs. McKee during the course of the nine weeks.

As stated by the Music Department Handbook, student grades will also be determined by the following criteria

1. Musical ability

2. Written and/or performance evaluations

3. ACTIVE participation in band, chorus or orchestra as well as special performing groups

4. Attendance pattern at rehearsals and performances

5. Cooperation and dependability

6. Attitude

The South Western High School Women’s Chorus upholds the following principles as a driving force in its mission:

C – Choral Artistry….High musical standards

H – Honor and Tradition….Building a tradition of excellence

O – Oneness….Unity, leadership & teamwork/ others before self

I – Integrity….Accepting responsibility and commitment with follow through

R – Respect….Respecting others point of view and respecting authority