Concert Choir

The Concert Choir consists of students in grades 9 – 12. The group is selected by an audition process in January on the basis of vocal excellence and musicianship. This select organization performs a more difficult grade of music and focuses on what is considered the “masterpieces” of choral literature. The Concert Choir performs for the Holiday Concert, Spring Concert and can also be heard performing the National Anthem at sporting events.

Grading Procedures

It is the mission of South Western Choral Department to develop the individual student through musical experiences that promote the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to become independent musicians, life-long learners, participants of music-making, and supporters of music and music education.

Our goal is to have an excellent choral program. There are several very important components that come together to form an excellent program. Quality music and ample rehearsal time are a necessity, but what actually occurs during the rehearsal is the most important ingredient. Without respectful and responsible learning, everything becomes irrelevant. We can be as outstanding as we want to be; it all depends on you. Superior music groups are a result of many hours of hard work as well as a strong dedication and commitment from each member.

To help improve our chances, guidelines for responsible learning are established and reinforced with a grade. Music is a unique subject in terms of assessment; because it is performance based, students need to constantly be “on” when the time is necessary. Remember, our goal is excellence, not mediocrity.

Below is a description of the grading procedures:

1. Students will be expected to complete a singing exam during the 2nd and 4th nine weeks. During this exam, students will be asked to sing a section of a concert song with piano accompaniment. The exam will be evaluated on the basis of correct notes, correct rhythms, intonation and correct vocal habits. The exam will be scheduled by Mrs. McKee during the course of the nine week marking period. In addition, during the 1st and 3rd marking periods, students will have the opportunity to sing for Mrs. McKee in quartets. This will be evaluated in the same fashion, but will occur during the rehearsal period itself. Music will be from the specific repertoire of the marking period.

2. Musical ability

3. Written evaluations – students will be required to periodically complete some form of written assessment. These evaluations could pertain to listening examples, performance evaluations, self-analysis, etc…

4. ACTIVE participation in chorus – don’t be the “weak link”. This does not only include active rehearsal participation, but participation in concerts as well as outside events such as “National Anthem” and other community-related performances.

5. Attendance – Students are expected to attend all school-related performances and to be on time for rehearsals. Subsequent tardiness will not be tolerated. Missing a rehearsal is equivalent to receiving a zero on an exam.

6. Cooperation and dependability.

7. Attitude – is yours contagious?