Mrs. Tina Hagarman is so happy to be the Baresville librarian!  She wants all the patrons to enjoy coming to their library and find something they are interested in reading. Please ask her for help in locating books or let her know if there are books you would like added to the collection. Look to go on many great adventures in the library and beyond with Mrs. Hagarman:)

Mrs. Wendy Holt has been the Library Assistant at Baresville for the past 15 years and is a whiz at the computer.  Students who visit the library say that Mrs. Holt’s fingers fly very quickly over the keyboard and it is true!  Mrs. Holt lives with her husband right here in South Western School District.  In fact, all three of her daughters went to Baresville Elementary School.  Mrs. Holt loves to read with her family and all by herself.  Books are her friends too!

Please feel free to contact the library staff if you have any questions or concerns by using the email addresses below:

Mrs. Hagarman

Mrs. Holt


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