Sep 01 2016

Who is Right in The Handmaid’s Tale?

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Not only does Atwood depict the Republic of Gilead as being caused by the advancements of right-wing extremists, she tends to put blame on others as well. Specifically some of the more…over zealous feminists of an earlier age, before Gilead. She personifies extreme feminist ideas through the actions of Offred’s mother in older times, such as wanting to completely ban pornography, and committing the act of “man-hating”. As a character in this novel, Offred’s mother plays a role in forewarning the reader of the backlash that can result from pushing your ideas to the extreme. Like in my last post about The Handmaid’s Tale, this is a double-edged sword. While Atwood tends to place most of the blame on right-wingers and (typically) men, she isn’t ignorant. She knows that trying to push the feminist agenda in an extremely negative or violent fashion will only result in women taking a step backward, such as in the fictional society of Gilead. And so she makes an example of Offred’s mother, the feminist she never wanted to be (nor see anyone else be). I find this idea to be important, not only in regards to the issues of women’s rights in society, but any other rights being fought for or against. If your are truly observant in regards to our society, you will realize that there is no way to be fully correct in regards to civil rights, nor is there any way to be fully incorrect. Every issue is a spectrum, and within our society what’s right and wrong is constantly changing.

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