Aug 31 2016

Francis Macomber Thoughts

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This was my favorite read of all the assignments, mainly because of it’s length overall. In reality, I can’t pick a favorite. Nonetheless, this short read made me think right from the start. Such thoughts can be read below. As always feel free to leave comments on your thoughts. 🙂

My first overwhelming thought was the marital issues that presented themselves. ‘I’ll have a gimlet too. I need something,’ Macomber’s wife said” (Hemingway). The social use of alcohol is one thing, but in context it seems as though Macomber’s wife is trying to numb the situation. She appears to be fed up with the situation, almost like a child being dragged out of bed early. “She did not speak to him when he came in and he left the tent at once to wash his face and hands in the wash basin outside…” (Hemingway). What can clearly be seen is the avoidance between the two of them. I wish there was background to all of this, or a fight they may have had, alas there are no further clues. I wonder if Francis did something she didn’t agree with, or try to impede on his masculine affairs. Along with the marital side of things, the Wilson’s are equally puzzling. I found that Margaret is quite controlling of situations. She repeatedly tells Mr. Wilson to put his hat on and yet he still is contradictory in his remarks. Now I’m not sure of the families present in the story, I found them confusing. If someone could clear that up, I’d be most appreciative.

Slavery is touched upon in some aspects of the story. Talks of slavery always anger me, because due to the time of this story, the white man tries to justify his actions. Despite the degradation and horrible sides of slavery, both of the men continuously remark on the good side to slavery. It seems as though they begin to empathize with the slave, but it turns out to be just a jibe. “”Not strange, really,” Wilson said. “Which would you rather do? Take a good birching or lose your pay?” (Hemingway). At first one would think they are trying to empathize with a slave but it’s just a form of understanding those who are different. They use means such as this to connect thought processes to actions.

While this was just a glimpse of what I had written notes on, it gives a good idea as to the way I thought while reading.


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  1.   jessicalh19on 31 Aug 2016 at 1:10 pm 1

    The short length of this story honestly saved me, there’s no way I could’ve finished another book, as you could probably tell by the time of my comments. The marriage problems were their personal problems with themselves and each other. Their problems made me uncomfortable, but fit well with the story, as I explained in my own post. Hemingway told us a lot about what the lion, Wilson, and Macomber felt, but left Margot as a mystery.

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