Oct 01 2013

The Sacrifice Charlie Higson

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The Sacrifice is the 4th book in the enemy series. The main character is Ed who is a sixteen years old and he is the captain of the security at the Tower of London. The book has a couple of 1st person views who were in the other 3 books of the enemy series.

The book is Science Fiction, and the setting is in London UK and the settlements in the book are landmarks that have been around for a while because there is no electricity. I like when books like this take place in other countries so that way you can learn somethings about the country it takes place in.

The conflict in this book is that Sam and The Kid go off with Tish and end up with a character in the second book who has started his own religon and he thinks that Sam is the Lamb and he wants to sacrafice the kid to him.


0/5 Time travel book

this book has nothing to do with time traveling because they just are battling zombies.

2/5 Horror

This book has some strange things that happen though some are a little weird and some are scary.

0/5 What really happened in history

the characters in the book don’t find out anything about things in history that aren’t true.

3/5 Daniel

Shadowman is like Daniel because Shadowman finds out some things about some settlements in London along with the zombies.

4/5 Julie

in the first 2nd 3rd books of this series their have always been an invisible romance forming between two characters.



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