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Chapter 5 – Study Material

Interior Angle Sum Practice

Interior Angle Sum Quiz 1

Interior Angle Sum Quiz 2

Exterior Angle Sum Quiz

The Quadrilateral Family

Vocab Quiz

Theorems for Parallelograms

Theorems for Rectangle, Rhombus, Square

Theorems for Trapezoids

Practice Properties

Practice Proofs

YouTube Video: Median of a Trapezoid

Quadrilateral Quest

Animated Practice

Quizzes for every section

Quadrilaterals Test 1

Chapter Test

Ch 9 Study Materials on Circles

Vocabulary Flashcards

YouTube Vocab

Practice with Tangents

Tangent Practice

Practice with Chords

Practice with Arcs

Practice with Central and Inscribed Angles

Practice with Angles and Tangent/Chords

Practice with Angles and Tangents/Secants

Practice Secants and Tangents

The Great Circle Problem

Practice with Segments and Circles

Circle Proofs

Quizzes for every section

Quia – Working with Circles

YouTube review theorems and vocab

Test on Circles

Practice Test

Ch 8 Study Tools

Simplifying Radicals

How to Simplify Radicals

How to Add/Subtract Radicals

How to Mult/Div Radicals

Practice Radicals

Corollaries Explained

Corollary Practice

Pythagorean Theorem

Practice Pyth Them and Converse

Pythagorean Triples

Lesson on 30-60-90

Lesson 45-45-90

Quiz Special Right Triangles

Calculator Trig Practice

Video and practice for SOHCAHTOA



Sine, Cosine, Tangent Practice

Examples of Word Problems

Trig Set #1

Trig Set #2

Test on Pyth Thm and Trig

Practice Test PPT

Practice Test

Honors Geometry – Ch 4 Resources

Vocab – Triangles

Types of Triangles

Quiz 180 Degrees in a Triangle

Quiz Triangle Inequality Theorem

Methods for Congruent triangles

Building Congruent Triangles

Identify Congruent Triangles (YouTube Video)

Video Lesson on Methods

Quiz on congruent triangles


CPCTC Historical Scenario (YouTube Video)

Proving Triangles Congruent Worksheet

Hints for How to Complete a Proof

Easy Proofs


Quiz Isosceles Triangle Theorem

Lots of PROOFS

Proofs Activity

Practice Quizzes

Timed Quiz Proving Triangles Congruent

Videos and Quizzes for Whole Chapter

Practice on Concurrency

Practice Test

World’s Hardest Easy Geometry Problem

20% Time

Chapter 3 Resources


Vocab Flipcard Activity

Vocab Quiz

Interactive Diagrams of Theorems

Explanation of Theorems

Video Lesson on Theorems

Practice with Pairs of Angles

Quiz with Parallel Lines and Angles

Interactive Proof

Video of Proof (youtube)

Two-Column Proofs Practice Tool

Practice: Connection to Slope

ChallengeQuiz – Parallels and Quadrilaterals

Parallel Lines Quiz

Practice Test



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