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Mustang boys track begins race toward another championship

With spring sports season starting on March 8th the Southwestern high school track team is looking for another championship. Last year’s season ended in a tie with Dallastown for a Co-Championship in the YAIAA Division 1. Head coach Bob Shue  said, that last year’s championship was a surprise because the team was young. With many returning letterman and more experience Shue thinks that boys track can repeat a championship year. Team members are also confident. Senior Levi Sager said, “Yes we have a lot of returning players and point scores who can contribute a lot”. Last year many of the first and second year guys stepped up on the team to score some points to win according to Coach Shue. The boy’s track team had four major point scorers graduate from last year’s … Read entire article »


South Western Cheerleaders Compete for Recognition

South Western Cheerleaders Compete for Recognition By: Abby Gibson For some varsity athletes at South Western High School, a victory is bittersweet. Competition Cheerleading at South Western receives little recognition as a sport says Coach Elizabeth Tudor. “The girls do not receive nearly the credit they deserve,” she said. “The girls rarely complain about the limited gym space or the little respect they earn from the school and classmates.” The team struggles to hold a productive practice as the get “bumped” from the gym to make way for other spring sports practices. “We do what we can to fit in a full practice; we work in the lobby or the cramped stage in the performing arts center or … Read entire article »

Cold Feet Setting in for Seniors

As their final year comes to a close, seniors begin to get skeptical about what to do next. Some, already have plans set up but begin to re-think or back out of what was initially their future. As for my brother, he never had a clue. It all started his senior year of high school when he took early graduation. Any teacher will tell you he was a troublemaker and they were glad to get him out of their hair. He took off in the winter of 2008 and left South Western half a semester early only leaving behind the memories and friendships he had made. His first stop was out in Montana where he was … Read entire article »

Long Road to Lucas Oil

Dance time is back. It’s time once again to fill out another hopeful bracket. Maybe this year’s will seemingly jump off your writing utensil and onto the reality of the tournament, perfectly by your design to the National Champion site of Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The time is also upon each of the 64 teams to control their own destiny. Faith, skill, and a little bit of luck has collided all these teams together to engulf into another exciting clash that is the NCAA Men’s Division 1 College Basketball Tournament. The regular season has been packaged up, and written into the history books. All eyes are now upon hoisting a national championship trophy by … Read entire article »

Society affecting young teens

Society has changed greatly and career opportunities aren’t as easy to come by. You’re not competing with “the kid next door”, your competing with people around the world. The more experience you have in the work field the better chance you will have in getting the job. Diverse Occupations is a work-study program for senior’s interested in learning and being prepared for the future and career planning. Students gain training from hands-on, as each student is required a min. 15 hours of work each week.  Students are required to take the D.O class and all your other classes required to graduate. Students can leave after 2 periods, or those who need extra classes can leave after … Read entire article »

Dresses for Dreams

Cleaning out your closet? Cost of dresses are being sold for between $5 and $35, all dresses will be professionally cleaned, all shoes are $5, all baked goods are $.50, all jewelry is under $5 and the prices of the purses vary between $5 and $15. Dresses for Dreams is origination about two girls who happened to discover a service opportunity in their own closets one day. Allyssa Rommel and Erin Rebling two of the Dresses for Dreams coordinators enlisted the help of five other South Western alumni to sell their dresses to help girls who could not afford a $300 dress for a much lower price. This idea happened to the girls while on a … Read entire article »

Too Tight, Too Short, Suggestive and Revealing

GOOD IDEAS:  QUOTES NEEDED. ALSO A CONCLUSION OF SOME SORT.  THE LAST PART IS GREAT, BUT THE CONNECTION ISN’T OBVIOUS TO THE READER. With handbook specifics such as “shorts and skirts must meet the fingertips when standing in a normal manner” it would seem as though adequate dress is strongly enforced at South Western. However that doesn’t seem to be the case. “People are walking around with pretty much no clothes on and no one says anything about it” said senior Jenn Montooth when asked about the dress code enforcement here. Spring has sprung and so has a new problem for the administration. The dress code lays out specifics which can be hard to enforce for all students. That … Read entire article »

The bourne green zone.

The “Green zone” is another great Matt Damon film and is a must see if you liked the Bourne series. The film is an eye popping fictional dramatization of how the Iraq war started. It will keep you talking about it for weeks to come because of some twist you don’t see coming. This movie, which is about the modern day Iraq war, is a good insider for people trying to understand the war. Now the movie falls a week before the war started in 2003. This movie is no “Hurt Locker” which one best picture of the year but the “Green Zone” is still has a storyline that will keep you in your seats. … Read entire article »

South Western’s 50th musical L’il Abner expected to be enjoyable for all age groups according to director Duane Bull

This year’s school musical, L’il Abner, which is taking place on March eighteenth, nineteeth, and twentieth at 7:30 pm, was also South Western High School’s very first musical. They decided to remake it in honor of the school’s fiftieth anniversary. It is based on the comic strips in newspapers running from the 1930’s to 1977. That doesn’t mean it won’t be as enjoyable for younger people as it will be for the older people that read the comics. According to Robby Storey who plays the role of Li’l Abner, “There are some innuendos that the older people will understand and relate to, but there is also some slap-stick comedy for the younger kids as well.” Musical director Duane … Read entire article »

50th anniversary blues

After the class of 2010s year coming off to a smooth start it seems there may be trouble ahead.  Students are worried that there might be overshadowing of the graduation by the 50th anniversary. “I don’t see a problem with it being celebrated at graduation,” said senior Kelsey Tracy, ”But you only graduate once and people that have already graduated shouldn’t be allowed to walk again because that’s our time.” When asked about the 50th anniversary Mr. Graves stated that although there were grumblings going on about major things happening during commencement. He dismissed these as all rumors and that the only thing that is happening is a representative from each class would march in and have … Read entire article »