Welcome to the 7th World Geography MOODLE!    This is a safe, online space to share ideas and learn more about World Geography!

This is the moodle for Mr. Clark's American Cultures course.

Students will be studying countries around the world through the use of this moodle site. In addition to typical book work that we would normally do, this site will incorporate videos, podcasts, worksheets, forums, discussion, and projects.  I hope you learn quite a bit about the rest of the world as we try a new way of learning.  Enjoy!!

Welcome to the Real Lives software program MOODLE!    This is a safe, online space to share what we are learning from the Real Lives software program!

All 8th grade students will study American Cultures from approximately 1754 through the end of the 1800s. During the year, we will use plays, reenactments, simulations, speeches, story telling, music, art, food, clothing, and other activities to communicate American culture. The goal of this course is to learn about our American culture while at the same time having fun.